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DarumaIchikawa Building 3F
Motomachi 10-1, Takasaki-shi,
Gunma, 370-0813
TEL) +81 027 310 8670
FAX) +81 027 310 8680

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Global link of the best people and products

Akifumi Motojima

Akifumi Motojima

Connect. Ltd.

The workers' motivation comes first.

Our company has been supported by many other companies based on attemptability, imagination and production capability since our establishment in 2012. As an integrated solution company, we insist on the principle of "The workers' motivation comes first" which leads us today. Therefore, for these 4 years, we have been challenging to develop new employment opportunities for capable job seekers and improve their labor conditions.

We are providing not only staffing service but also job-placement service specializing in "working women". In the growth strategy of Abenomics, working women's active participation in the society is regarded as one
of the essential problems. In the aged society of Japan, it is needless to say that we can't expect further economic growth without working women's active participation in the society.
Unfortunately, this problem is more noticeable and serious here in Gunma, the ratio of working women holding administrative positions is very low compared to that of the national average. Actually, both the male way of working long hours and traditional corporate cultures based on androcentrism interrupt working women's jobs, there are many women who are forced to quit their jobs and become full-time housewives.
Therefore, especially in the highly-demanded job fields such as nurses, care workers and childminders, we are challenging to match the true needs between companies and job-seekers so that job-seeking women can value both work and family, and become financially independent in the end.

Furthermore, we are also interested in communication and interchange of different cultures and customs all over the world. In 2016, we have actually started several unique online shopping websites on the Internet, such as Zen-shop, Koinobori-Japan, Sengokudo and Bonsai-craft etc. With our new additional slogan, "The global link of the best people and products", we will be dealing with new challenges.

We wish to make the most of our infinite power of all employees and become a pioneer of new age. Also, we wish to expand our business field steadily, first to Gunma, next to Japan, then to Asia and finally to the whole world.
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