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Connect Connect. Ltd.

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DarumaIchikawa Building 3F
Motomachi 10-1, Takasaki-shi,
Gunma, 370-0813
TEL) +81 027 310 8670
FAX) +81 027 310 8680

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We are supporting our workers in various aspects.
福利厚生We insist on the principle of "The workers' motivation comes first" which leads us today. Therefore, we have been challenging to develop new employment opportunities for capable job seekers and improve their labor conditions. We have established a fulfilling support system in the employees' profit programs, so that the workers can approach their tasks physically and mentally at ease and can live fulfilling lives
Connect BASICS
certificateMonthly payment based on daily wage system
Year-end adjustment
Tax-income certificate
Annual paid leave (for those who meet certain conditions and
accomplish continuous service of 6 months)
Health insurance (for those who meet certain conditions)
Employees' pension insurance (for those who meet certain conditions)
Employment insurance (for those who meet certain conditions)
Industrial accident compensation insurance (for those who meet certain
Childcare leave system (for those who meet certain conditions)
Family-care leave system (for those who meet certain conditions)
Special benefit system (for those who meet certain conditions and have expired the contracted term)

note1) We are providing a fee-charging commuter-support service (pick -up by car) for those who have no means of transportation to commute. For further information, please consult us. Birthday card
note2) We are providing a salary prepayment system for those who need a certain money due to sudden expenditures. For further information, please consult us.
note3) With all our gratitude, we are sending a birthday card to every worker of us on his/her birthday.
Life Support ClubOur company belongs to the "Life-support Club" operated by Resort Solution. Co., Ltd.. As a member of "Life-support Club", our workers can use an enormous number of facilities such as hotels/inns, golf courses, recreation/sports facilities all around Japan, at very reasonable member priority prices. In addition, a variety of convenient services are provided including movie/concert discounted tickets, members-only coupon tickets at restaurants etc.
→Please confirm the details at "Life-support Club" website
障害者雇用working handicappedOur company is making an active effort in developing the employment opportunities of the handicapped, in order not for them to lose their employment opportunities only by the reason that they are handicapped, and in order for them to become financially independent. If you are handicapped, please consult us first when you seek a good job.
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