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Connect Connect. Ltd.

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DarumaIchikawa Building 3F
Motomachi 10-1, Takasaki-shi,
Gunma, 370-0813
TEL) +81 027 310 8670
FAX) +81 027 310 8680

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1. Our acquisition and use of your personal information
When we acquire your personal information, we clarify its acquisiton-purpose, and we will properly use your personal information within the scope of the intended purposes with your consent. Without your consent, we will never use your personal information other than the intended purposes.

2. Our disclosure of your personal information
We will never disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, excluding the following cases.

(1) personally unidentifiable information including your job-perfomance capability and statistical data, and generally disclosed data
(2) needed cases including the protection of your life, body and property, and the promotion of children's helthy development, and difficult cases to get your consent
(3) cases based on the laws or cases we must cooperate with national/local government administrative organs or those entrusted by them

3. Our security measures to protect your personal information
We implement a variety of security measures to protect your personal information in order to prevent the risk such as unlawful access to your personal information, missing, deletion, tampering and leakage of your personal information.

4. Complaint and consulting about your personal information
We respond to your request of disclosure/correction/deletion of your personal information without any delay.

5. Our protection of your personal information and continuous improvement
We regularly and continuously review our management system of your personal information and improve our system, responding to the change of technology and laws.

Connect. Ltd.

CEO Akifumi Motojima

*Regarding any complaint or consulting about our privacy policy, please contact below:
the person in charge of Privacy Policy: Nobuo Ueda

TEL.) 027-310-8670

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